Over at the Baptist Missionary Women website, they are doing a crazy fun blog hop... I couldn't help but join in on the excitement. What is the assignment? Five fun and interesting things about me...

Buckle your seat belt.


1. I really HATE coffee. I would rather kiss a dog square on the lips than drink the stuff! I would rather lick a foot! I would rather dance with a spider dressed in a pink tutu! That's ok, though... the main drink here in our country is Chia! You should try my Recipe. It's a lightly sweetened milk tea and super simple to make. And please don't call it chai. That's from another country. Ha!

2. Speaking of dancing... I couldn't dance if I wanted to. (I hope the spider in the pink tutu isn't too disappointed!) Totally two left feet. I took ballet when I was in first grade and it ranked up there with the stupidest things I have ever done. Seriously, I was never really a girly girl growing up anyway. I would rather toss a football... But football here is a soccer ball. confusing, huh?

3. And since we are on the subject of football... I love competition. Sports, bored games, whatever! Favorite football team in the States? Miami Dolphins! Favorite college basketball team? Carolina Tarheels! Favorite baseball team? Atlanta Braves! Favorite golfer? Um... no. Even I have my limits. Boring!!!

4. I cannot whistle. Well, I can whistle one solid sound, but I can't make a tune. And it isn't loud. It is a totally useless, pitiful, laughable whistle. Please don't expect me to whistle while I work. I will not be puckering up to joyfully whistle Amazing Grace. However, if you need an annoying single tone... I am your gal!

Interesting cultural tidbit... some people do not like whistling here. They think it calls forth the evil spirits.

5. I am a recovering pyrophobic. No, seriously. I am not exaggerating. Fire scared me. Petrified me. I was 36 before I struck my first match... ever. But I am determined to never allow my fears to hold me back from doing the things God calls me to do. Living in a country that only has three hours of power during the day in the winter and having a gas oven... yes, I was faced with getting over my fear. Happy to announce I have been victorious.

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