Today's walk was a blessing...

We have been walking in the valley behind our house for a few weeks. It is a large loop... Two or three miles round trip from our house.

The first few times, we were met with suspicious stares every time we said hello. (What are these white foreigners doing in our area?!!) But we kept walking and greeting people as we walked. Then the people started smiling more, and more of them returned our greetings. Today, a group of children stopped us so we could watch them play a game called seven stones. They were happy that we would be interested enough to take time and watch them. Then we started to continue our walk.

A man and his young granddaughter were walking past us. We greeted him and he began talking to us. We were able to understand most of what he was saying. (Praise the Lord, he was using many vocabulary words we have already learned!) His house was right near us. He then asked us if the next time we were able to, if we would stop in and have tea with him.

An invitation.

My body and my feet get so tired on these walks... dodging puddles and cow "presents" in a dirt/broken brick road. There is a steep stairway at the beginning and a very steep hill at the end. My legs and lungs scream for mercy. But all the soreness and aches and pains are worth hearing the children say, "Hello! How are you?" It's the only English they know, but it seems like now they are starting to look forward to us coming each time. And every drop of sweat is worth getting an invitation to tea. (FINALLY!) And the joy of seeing the confused, suspicious looks melt away into wide toothless grins from the elderly men and women... PRICELESS.

There is not a church in this end of the valley, yet, but I think there are plans in the works for one to be built soon...

Oh, to see people in this valley won to Christ!

The song comes to mind... "It'll be worth every mile. It'll be worth every trial..."