My children LOVE their grandparents. After all, they have the best grandparents in the world! They love to do sweet things to let the children know they love them and are thinking of them. My mom was asking about ideas of things that can be easily stuck in a small letter sized envelope to send frequent "smiles" to the children without breaking the piggy bank in shipping.  So I started brainstorming... actually, I asked some friends on Facebook for help! Boy, oh, boy! What a great list they helped to compile!

Here's the list:

  1. bracelets
  2. balloons
  3. stickers
  4.  lightweight paperback books
  5.  crazy character bandages
  6.  Pixy Stix
  7.  Sports Cards
  8.  gum
  9. Post It notes
  10.  hair ribbons
  11.  necklaces
  13.  tiny notebooks
  14.  small hair accessories
  15.  luggage tags
  16.  magnet frames
  17.  Airheads Candy
  18.  Pop Rocks candy
  19.  sleep eye masks
  20.  card games
  21.  gel pens
  22.  photos
  23.  pencils
  24.  Koolaid packets
  25.  activity books
  26.  Mac and Cheese powder packets

Is there someone you are loving long distance? Grab and envelope, pick up a few of these items at the store, and send them a snail mail hug!