The neighbors are moving in their new home today. So, today they are having their house warming party. In my American Christian thinking, I am wondering what housewarming gift to bring... Kitchen towels? Fruit? Maybe a nice home decoration? Well, apparently if I bring a cow, they will be happier.

As I was about to do my devotions this morning, all at once, a bunch of racket started. Bells were ringing, drums beating, a terrible horn blowing, a cow mooing, and now... Chanting. They are having their house "blessed." The other day, I saw our new neighbor talking with our milk lady. I wondered why they would be talking to her. Now I know. They needed her cow to come for a visit. This is the highest ranking god in their religion. And to have one come to your house is a huge blessing.


Circling their new home while playing drums, ringing bells, blowing a terrible horn, and carrying offerings to their god(s)

This worship session is suppose to last until 4 PM. At 5:30 we have been invited for a get together.   By that time, I will be exhausted from the noise! I think it is time to turn on the stereo.