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Road Schooling...on the road of life
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    A fun, Christ-centered alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf concept. A Gospel focused, fruitful approach to the countdown to Christmas.
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    All Scripture references are taken from the King James version of the Bible.

The morning started out looking very promising of being full of adventures, just like I like it. It had rained a wonderful, steady rain all night long, but by the time we were ready to get on the road to head to church it had slowed to a patient drizzle. I threw on the scooter poncho and my rain boots, and Michaela put on her raincoat. Off we went down the road.


I got behind a taxi when I neared the intersection. Traffic stopped, so I got a good look at the back of the taxi. People here like to decorate vehicles, so it didn't surprise me that there were English words written very scriptively on the back of this taxi. Since we were at a standstill, I took the time to read... And then I took the time to giggle. "Don't Broken My Heart." It was nice to laugh at someone else's language blooper for a change... At least mine are not painted on a vehicle!

Traffic began to move again, and... Skooty stalled. Same place she seems to enjoy stalling. I scooted Skooty over to the side of the road and scolded her. She must have took my scolding seriously because she started right up... Just in time to get me stuck behind a dump truck for most of our drive. (Bad, Skooty! No, no!)

As we creeped along behind the dump truck waiting for any opportunity to pass this black exhaust billowing road hog, I thought back to times in the States when I would drive the minivan. It was a great time to just sit and think about things. I could just drive along with my mind engaged on other things.

But not here! Here you cannot unplug your mind from the task at hand. There are too many variables at play! There are no lanes... Even if there are lines on a few roads, those are just suggestions. And besides, animals don't know what the lines are for anyway! Apparently, most of the people do not either.

I finally got past the dump truck. I think I heard my lungs thank me. I turned right onto a road that usually has less traffic. I like that road. The pavement is in good shape and you can go a little faster... But a trash truck was trying to do a u-turn and broke down right in the middle of his u-turn attempt. So, traffic had to squeeze through in front and in back of him.

There is a funny fact here. If your car, tuk tuk, or truck breaks down in the middle of the road, you can use that space to fix it. No tow trucks needed or anything like that. Just grab some tools and go at it.

I slowed down to go around the truck. When I got to the other side, I started to gun it. I was just beginning to gain good speed when I noticed two boys playing in the street... Not paying any attention to traffic all around them. I eased off the accelerator, and sure enough, one boy darted right out in front of me. I laid down on the horn. I hope I gave him the scare of his life. I stopped a tiny one foot away from him. Had we both not been paying attention, things may have turned out very differently.

Church was GREAT. After it finished we headed out the door. Michaela and I got back on Skooty and reminded her about how she is not allowed to stall. She sighed, but agreed. Then we took off. As we got to the first main intersection, we turned right and headed up a steep hill.

Then, I saw her.

A crazy, out of control cow was headed down the hill. She apparently was practicing to be a bull on the PBR tour. She would have made those bulls look wimpy. She was a little small for the PBR tour, but she had kicks and twists that would have given even the best bull riders a run for their money. Did I mention she was headed down the hill toward us? Did I also mention that since I started driving Skooty, my prayer life has improved... Dramatically?

I have heard people preach on Elijah's short prayer on Mt Carmel and how God answered that tiny prayer with fire. God does answer short and to-the-point prayers. "Lord, don't let that cow come over here." She came close enough to us that we probably could have reached out and pet her, but then she went on down the hill. I thought I heard her say, "This will be the wildest 8 seconds of your life, cowboy! YEEHAW!"

You go get 'em, Bessy the Bucking Beast. Go live the dream!