From the moment MoMo left our gate, Chief was not himself. He had actually been outside the gate once last week and knew the dangers. Though he did not ride on the motorcycle, he did have to get inside a vehicle with four wheels... a taxi. He was taken to a terrible place where mean men touched his hurt leg. He was happy to get home that day! Unfortunately when he got home, he had to stay inside his cage.

When he was in his cage, his best friend, MoMo, stayed right outside his cage almost the whole time. Several times, MoMo decided that if Chief must be in his cage, then she must get in her cage (which was still right beside Chief.) She crawled inside and laid down.

You must understand, these two dogs are inseparable. They have been together since they were weaned from their mommies. In the pet shop, they even shared the same jail cell. Then, much to their joy, we chose to keep them together when we adopted them.

And now MoMo was missing. For hours, every noise Chief heard made him spring up and run to the gate. He was fidgety. He was restless. The only relief he felt was running to the gate barking, hoping that it might be MoMo. He almost drove us crazy. Then it finally happened.

He heard a noise, ran to the gate barking, and found what he was looking for.  I knew it had to be MoMo because Chief was hunkered down, peering under the gate with his hiney stuck WAY in the air... and his tail was swinging so wildly he almost knocked the neighbor's house down. His whole body was shaking with excitement! His friend was home.

I opened the gate for Jason. He had his backpack on his chest instead of his back. A small, white head was poking out. According to Jason, MoMo loved the ride home. Of course, she may have still had a little tipsiness from the Goofy Juice in the needle. I helped pull MoMo out of the backpack.

Chief could no longer contain himself once he saw MoMo's boo boo. He was sniffing and jumping up in a panic. We finally had to force him to sit. After getting MoMo some food and water, we put her in Chief's cage to rest. But the two dogs would hear nothing of it! The whining began... and did not stop until we let MoMo out two hours later. The two climbed up on the porch and laid down together. We decided they would both get more rest (and our ears would get more relief) if we just let them be together.

(In case you haven't figured it out, we were making sure we wouldn't have any mini MoMos and Chiefs.)