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There were so many adventures today, I am exhausted!

Adventure number one...

Yesterday, within two hours we caught two rats. Over night we caught two more. The dogs are absolutely loving this! When we catch the rats, we release them in front of the dogs to train them to be good rat killers. To them, they are big chew toys with squeakers. The unfortunate side if this adventure is that when the rats get in the house, they leave "presents."

 Our house worker came today. She was putting away dishes while I homeschooled the children. When she opened one of the cabinets, she found "presents" and she found the hole where the "gift giver" enters the cabinet. Part of her morning was spent disinfecting. I am so thankful for her!

Adventure number two...

Michaela, our worker, and I decided to take a girls shopping day. All three of us piled on the scooter and took off. Traffic was terrible! At one point I decided to avoid a traffic jam by sliding between a taxi and a calf. (Yes, cows roam the streets here.) I inched up between the two, but just as I neared the back end of the calf, the calf decided to go in reverse! I had to stop and put my feet down. As I was being rear ended by the calf, my feet found themselves planted in "presents" from the rear end of the calf. (New item on my to-do list... Scrub shoes!)

The adventures continue... Number three...

We finally made it to the shopping area. We were looking for scarves to go with the new Kurtas we had made. We found one for Dipikha, our worker, in a shop. She asked the price. 100 rupies. We wanted to look a little more. We found scarves for Michaela and me in another shop. We went back to the other shop... Price was now 500 because they saw me there. Ugh! So we moved on. Thankfully, we found another scarf that matched at another shop. It doesn't pay to shop with a foreigner here.

Adventure number four...

As we are leaving the shopping area on scooter, we turn left onto the main road. Cars and bikes are everywhere. Speeds are picking up. Ahead I noticed tall tree branches hanging high over the street. I also notice many birds in the trees. I also notice a shower of white coming from the birds in the trees. I began praying...

"Please let the birds stop 'showering' before we get there!" But we were going too fast. As we passed under the bomb zone, I didn't feel anything splatter. When we got home though, I discovered my leg had been decorated and Michaela's hand was also victim to the assault.

For some people, getting rear ended by a cow, stepping in a cow patty, being overcharged while shopping, and getting hammered by the machine guns of birdy poopy would be a bad day... But to us, it's an adventure... A chance to laugh and learn and enjoy a life that is never dull.