Today was MoMo’s day for an adventure. Her adventure started bright and early this morning. It began with… NO FOOD OR WATER! She was confused when we came out the door empty handed. She knows very well that first thing every morning, Michaela brings yummy bite bites out the door. I saw the look in her eyes. She was excited to see us, but clearly thought we had all gone senile.

Then Michaela picked her up while I held a reusable grocery bag open. She was happy to be held and began vigorously licking any face close enough to her mile long tongue… she was happy until she realized the bag was for her! Again, her face was easy to read. She was deeply concerned for her family who had all clearly all lost their minds.

After she was 2/3 stuffed in the bag, I scooped her into my arms. She didn’t mind the bag so much, now that she was snuggling so close to me. And her tongue began it’s usual assault on any exposed skin. She seemed to be saying, “Mommy, I don’t know this new game, but this isn’t too bad. Can I lick your ears now?”

Jason got on his motorcycle and headed through the gate. I followed behind him, and closed the gate. MoMo, still in my arms wrapped up in her bag, was a little worried at this point. She was outside the gate. This is absolutely forbidden. She had looked out the gate many times, but had never been outside the massive metal doors since she had arrived when she was six weeks old.

Her fears were confirmed. The whole family had gone bonkers.

The situation only got worse when I got on the back of the motorcycle… and Jason started the motor back up. MoMo is NEVER allowed near the motorcycle or scooter when they are running. At that point, I was very thankful I chose the grocery bag to transport her in. Her legs were out of control and she wanted no more of this madness.

With MoMo tucked between Jason and me, we took off down the road. After only a couple of minutes, she stopped fighting the bag. She knew she would not be able to escape. And besides, there were tons of new sounds, sights, and smells… things she had never experienced before!

The poor dog’s brain must have been on overload. The sounds are overwhelming to humans, so MoMo’s ears must have been in pain. But that didn’t stop her excitement! Horns honking, dog’s barking, engines roaring… Her head darted back and forth from side to side trying to find the source of every sound. And her poor nose was glowing red from working so hard. Now, the human nose here is overpowered by the conglomeration of scents… the canine nose? Multiply the torture by 100. But MoMo was not deterred. This was her adventure!

Finally, after 15 minutes we stopped. Jason turned off the bike and we jumped off. I took MoMo out of the bag and attempted to use her leash. Clearly, Princess MoMo’s paws were too precious to be used on this new ground. So I picked her back up, and we walked in a building.

After a few minutes, a man greeted us, and led us to a side room. I set MoMo down on a metal plate. She sat perfectly still because she found the glowing red numbers in front of her very fascinating. It also helped that there was a picture of Chief (or at least a relative of Chief’s) near the glowing numbers.

Then I scooped her up again. Pretty soon, we headed up stairs. Then I followed a man into a room. That mean man put something over MoMo’s face, but she didn’t fight it. Then another man came in and clipped some hair off her right front leg. She was not very happy about that. She looked at me as if to say, “Mommy, tell that man I am a princess and princesses do not have bald spots on their legs!”

As if things couldn’t get any worse, mean man #1 held her leg tightly and began poking it with a needle! She went into panic mode as I held her as tightly as I could. The ugly green face cover fell off. She successfully got the needle back out. After three more tries with the needle… this amazing, tiny dog took three people to hold her down… and she still got the needle back out.

Mean man #2 got the scissors out again. And now the left leg was fixed to match the right leg. I think MoMo was happy that she was now at least a symmetrical princess again… Until mean man #1 came back with the needle. All three of us took our positions of securing this tiny dog (who clearly has the strength of a professional weightlifter.) Three more tries, and the needle was in place.

Mean man #2 grabbed some liquid in a tube as fast as lightening. He attached the tube to the needle… and suddenly MoMo was feeling good… really good! She relaxed and a smile came across her face. She looked at me and said, in a slightly slurred speech, “Whoa, Mommy, you should try this stuff! It makes the room spin! Man… I am sleepy. Mommy, I wanna… take… a… nap… for… just… ZZZZZzzzzzz….”

I laid her gently on the table, took her leash, and headed out the door.

Meanwhile at home, Cheif…

To Be Continued