I intentionally combined these two days... and you are getting WAY more than one picture!

Today, we were privileged beyond measure to host some of our heroes in our home.  It was an unexpected surprise that was not confirmed until yesterday... but a welcomed surprise!  And this visit obviously would require COOKING!

Michaela and I worked all day in the kitchen.  My day in the kitchen started at 8 AM. (Remember, everything practically is from scratch... so we diced, chopped, cut, sliced, cooked, washed...)

Michaela worked hard mixing and cooking.  She is showing off our favorite spice... it came all the way from the States with us.

What was on the menu? For snack: carrots, cucumbers, cheese, crackers and ranch dip.  For dinner: Chilli, rice, sweet and sour chicken, spicy roasted potatoes, and cucumber tomato bacon salad. For dessert: Michaela made no bake cookies. (How's that for a nine year old!)

Jason fellowshiped with the group of men.  Most of them did not speak English, so the ones that did helped interpret.

Some of these men are from Kanchanpur. Chandan is on the far left.

Sitting on the couch... from left to right... our national pastor (Bijay), Bim (ordained yesterday and is going to plant a church four hours away from here,) and Bim's father.

So how did the dinner go?

Two huge plates each... I think they liked it.

I am totally exhausted, but it was so worth it.