Here it is... the room that takes up so much of my time.  Today I spent all day in here scrubbing and reorganizing, and I am only halfway done! Today you get two pictures for the price of one.

From left to right... the sink is pretty typical other than the water is tainted with bacteria and parasites. The counters are Three or four inches shorter than most American counter tops because the people here are short. The lower cabinets are beginning to smell musty from monsoon rains... hence all the scrubbing I am doing. The stove is gas with an optional electric broiler... for when there is electricity. See the lovely gas tank under the table? I want to come up with a creative way to cover that. It has to be an idea that is safe beside a stove. The spice shelf is a temporary fix until I find a shelf that I like. The index card clipped to the stove cover is a recipe card. This is how I let our house worker know what I want cooked for the day. The upper shelf has a grinding stone for grinding fresh garlic and ginger. Our house worker refuses to use a garlic press. There is also a Yankee Candle on the shelf... I brought it from the States. Some things a girl just cannot live without. And on the far right... the fridge.


From left to right... fridge that STILL has the stickers on it. The stickers are soooo hard to remove here. I think they use super glue! The Katadyn filter system for water is on the counter.On the shelf above it is another necessity... a stereo. I have my MP3 player hooked up to it so I can listen to music, sermons... anything that will encourage (or distract) me as I chop, bake, saute', wash dishes, etc. Next is the microwave. It is dependent on electricity. Our battery back-up system is not powerful enough to run it. On the wall is a pump switch to pump water into the roof tank. Our water is gravity fed. In the corner is the dish drainer. I love it when the counters are this clean... it is rare, but it gives me something to look forward to. The counters are stone of some sort... marble maybe.  Wood doesn't last long here. Too much humidity and moisture in monsoon. Above the microwave is the exhaust fan. Most people here use countertop stoves.  We opted for a stove with an oven.