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    All Scripture references are taken from the King James version of the Bible.

It's no secret that we have loads of adventures here. There is always some new story to tell... Some good and some not so good. And today is no exception.

It's pretty hot here right now. And since I am from the south in the USA, there is only one thing that satisfies the thirst created by this heat... Iced sweet tea. In the South, we don't even call it sweet tea most of the time. Iced tea should not exist without sugar. Unfortunately, since all the northerners have moved south, we now have to say sweet tea when we order in restaurants.

So on this hot day, I started making iced tea. Water heated, tea bags steeped and removed, sugar added... Time to add water. In this country, we use a major water filter to keep from getting water sickness. I went to the water filter, held the pitcher under the spout, and opened the spout. The spout doesn't flow very fast, so it took a couple of minutes to fill the whole pitcher.

While I am standing there, I look on the counter and see a mouse! I instantly jump back from the counter. I hate mice. They bring out the worst in me. I knew when we moved here, mice and rats were part of the deal, but to see the first one... Ugh!

I stand there for a few seconds to think about what I should do. My thoughts were interrupted by water... Splashing on my feet. Um... I forgot the spout was still open and water was pouring out everywhere. Realizing that this was not one of my smartest moments, I turned off the spout.

The mouse was long gone at this point, so I start my search. No, not for the mouse! Are you crazy?! I don't want to find the mouse! I want to find where he is coming in and where "presents" from our new pet may be left behind. I found the hole where he got on the counter from under the cabinets. I stuffed steel wool in the hole... Now to find the entry point.

I opened the cabinet under the sink... GASP! Big, gigantic, huge "presents!" That little mouse didn't leave these! If he did, he needs to see a doctor! No, these presents were left by his bar bouncer, steroid loaded, bench-press-a-cat cousin, Bubba the Rat. Needless to say, the cabinet under the sink got a serious cleaning. Jason has been notified. 

Let me explain "Mouse/Rat Notification" in our home...

First notice..."Jason, there is a mouse/rat. Can you take care of it?"

Second notice... "Jason, the mouse/rat is still in the house..." Then comes my evil stare.

Third notice... "My dearest Jason... Until the mouse/rat is gone, I am afraid the kitchen will have to be temporarily closed for safety reasons." 

By the third notice, the invading critter is always gone... He is a good husband.