It is monsoon season.  Rain is always in the forecast for the next few months, and this weekend was no exception.  On our way to church, the paved roads were literally covered in sloppy sloshing mud.  I had my new rain boots and my scooter poncho on, so I was fine with it.  I drove a little slower than usual, though.

Everything was going fine... at first.  Then I came up to the intersection that seems to be my nemesis.  We came to a stop.  A huge dump truck squeezed its way past Michaela and me.  I literally had to lean the skooter a little to the left to let him pass on the tiny road.  Then skooty died! UGH!  So I was blocking traffic... skooty refused to start back up.  I think she was mad at me for scaring her with the dump truck.  And just as a traffic cop was headed my way, she came back to life. Crazy skooty!

As I continued on, I saw a bright flash of light and heard a small explosion to my right.  It startled me.  I was near the US embassy, so it made me a little nervous... but then I realized the power crew was working on the power lines.  As usual, they were doing dangerous things.  No one was hurt, thankfully.  I think they just exploded a transformer or clipped a live powerline... in the rain... with water all around.  Yes, that is how they do things here.

I kept wondering why Jason had not passed me on the road yet.  He ALWAYS passes me!  I made it all the way to church and he still had not passed me up.  Church started... he and the boys were still not there. Fifteen minutes into the service, they finally arrived.  Turns out that his morning adventures made my adventures look plain.

He started to back his motorcycle out of the carport and realized it was very difficult. He looked down and, sure enough, FLAT TIRE! That is the fourth one since we came here.  Our friends who have been here seven years and never had a flat... I guess we are making up for them, too.

Jason got the flat fixed, got a little farther down the road, and the clutch cable broke.  He limped along until he got to a repair shop.  Then he and the boys headed to church in a taxi.

After all that excitement, when we got back home from church, we decided to cheer ourselves up with homemade ice cream and milkshakes.  We don't have an ice cream maker, so we did the elementary school method of ziplocks, ice, and salt.  It was tasty! The milkshakes were made in a blender... but there was one problem.  I didn't realize the blender bottom was not completely sealed.  When I turned the blender on, it made a funny noise... and SPLAT!  Icy, sugary milk went everywhere!  What a mess!  But it was worth it!  The shakes were tasty!

So how was Father's Day?  Jason had scheduled a golfing outing with a friend here, but when we woke up... it was pouring the rain.  (Monsoon, remember?)  He hoped it might clear up, but then he found out there was a bandha.  (That's a protest that closes down traffic and shops.)  So for Father's Day, we stayed home.  I made the best breakfast for him, one of his favorites!  Then we played Monopoly.  Not exactly how we had this weekend planned... but a great weekend.  By the way, I won Monopoly for the first time ever.