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Our anniversary date wouldn't be complete without an adventure or two. Yesterday, we had an opportunity for a kid-free date thanks to the generosity of friends. So, we first had to deliver the kids to their destinations. I took Ben on skooty and headed fifteen minutes north. Jason took the little ones and headed forty minutes south. I made it back to the house just before another deluge of rain hit. I stayed perfectly dry. Unfortunately, Jason's rain suit that was very expensive turned him into a portable fishbowl. When he arrived home, he took his rain suit off and water poured out. We ended up waiting for the rain to settle into a slight drizzle. Then we jumped on his bike and took off.


We decided to go to Bakery Cafe. We were both craving momo. Now, Bakery Cafe isn't exactly an "anniversary" type restaurant... It is actually on the level of a fast food restaurant like McDonalds or ChickFilA, but when you crave a food, the date doesn't matter!

After eating, we briefly went to the store next door and then headed to a coffee place that could easily pass for Starbucks. They have a great chai latte and chocolate truffle cake. Then we went shopping around the city. Our most exciting find? I got rain boots! That may not excite you, but having gone through the rains of monsoon for the past month... Rain boots are a gift from Heaven! We were not sure we would find them... Ok, so you are not as amused as I am. So let's move on to an adventure.

We were headed home. We were on the right side of our lane and had a good six feet of room between us, a concrete barrier on the right, and a van on the left. Apparently, the van felt we had too much room. The van began veering in our direction. Jason honked his horn. Now, if you have never heard the horn of a Bullet motorcycle, the best way I can describe it is the horn blast of a cruise ship. When he blows that horn, vehicles part like the Red Sea. Unfortunately, the van driver was not impressed by the auditory torture from the horn, so Jason tried again. But the van driver kept easing our direction.

If I had been the driver of the motorcycle, I would have been in a panic. Not Jason. As we had only a foot left between us and the concrete barrier and the van was close enough to give its passengers a dental exam, Jason reached over a gave the driver's door two hard blows with his hand. I thought the driver was going to jump through the roof! It scared the life out of him! If I wasn't so nervous from the actions of the absent minded driver, I think I would have doubled over in laughter. How the man didn't wreck is amazing! The van gave us room, and we went on our way.

Have I said before that it is never dull here?