This week we are doing an earthquake unit study to help my children process the traumatic event of living through a major earthquake. Part of that study is for them to share their earthquake experience to help them vocalize what they went through. Here is Gabe's story:


/Day 1\        

One day we were doing church service . Me, my mom, and Michaela were doing childrens class.  We were learning on Moses and the burning bush that never burned up.

Then I felt a up down rumble and Michaela called my mom. IIt was a 7.8 earthquake. Then we ran to the fellowship hall at a wall and hid for safety . When the first earthquake finished we got shoes and ran out. It was so dusty you could not see 20 feet in front of you .

(House destroyed in our church village)

                 We ran to check the damage and went to find people to take them to the hospital. While we were at the church I was scared because of the after shocks. Many minutes later we were brave enough to get some stuff. Then Ben bought some waiwai noodles and water to drink. Then my Dad arrived to pick us up to go home. When we arrived we were tired . We eat cheese, carrots, smashed rice, and sloppy Joes meat with a special sauce my mom made called mama sauce.  Then we watched a movie in the car on the computer. Then we went to bed. I had a terrible sleep that night. That night we slept in the car .

/Day 2\

The next day a 6.7 earthquake stuck in the evening. We were competing making the most earthquake proof houses out of Legos. It was a little game we made. That night I got some sleep.

/Day 3\

The next day I played with moon sand and that’s the night I got enough sleep. Before I got to full sleep my sister wanted me to scoot over so she could sleep too. But I  did not do it. I said, “Why are you annoying me? Wake up the car.” Then I said, “O Nepal I hate it.” Then she knew that I was not awake BECAUSE I DO NOT REALLY HATE NEPAL!!!!!!