Never a dull moment here in the valley. Every day is an adventure, and yesterday there was a special discount on adventures. Yesterday was two adventures for the price of one. If you know me, you know I love a good bargain, so I just couldn't resist.

The day started out like a normal day. We exercised. Jason went to language school. The kids and I worked a little around the house. Then Jason returned from school. Sounds pretty normal, right? We were totally off our guard for the adventure we were about to encounter.


To let you get the full perspective, let me give you two points of view... Mine and Jason's. Let's start with mine.

I was in the kitchen downstairs. It is the warm season, so all the windows that have screens are wide open, including the kitchen window. I was in the middle of preparing lunch, when a rain storm moved in. Usually when it rains, we leave the windows open and let the cool breeze blow in, but this was no average rain. It was a downpour like I have never seen! And the wind was whipping the rain around.

The rain started coming in the window, so I decided to close it. I also figured I would ask Jason if he wanted to close the other windows in the house... Just in case. Now Jason was on the top floor (two stories up) in his office nook. I went out of the kitchen to the stairway to yell up the stairs to him... Then I saw it. A river of water was cascading down the stairwell. It was so much water that I could have taken a shower and washed laundry right there! No joke!

I yelled up to Jason in panic. Little did I know that he had already sprung into action... And little did I know that the problem was much greater than what I was seeing.

Ok, time for Jason's perspective...

He was sitting in his office chair at his desk working on school work. The door behind him was open, but he was oblivious to what was going on behind him. As the rain rolled in, he figured it would be like all the other rains. He would sit there and enjoy the nice cool breeze it would produce.

As he sat there studying, the rain got heavier. For some reason he decided to turn around and look at the screen door. That's when he noticed the river of water coming under the door. He jumped up and went to grab towels and buckets. When he went to the second floor, he realized the problem was big. Really big. Rain was coming in the windows of the bedrooms unimpeded. And water was coming under our bedroom balcony door. Our bed had a swimming pool on it.

So now we had a swimming pool and a river in our house. Jason yelled for Ben to close all the windows as he worked on securing our windows and protecting things in our bedroom. Ben ran to Gabe's room. The deluge of water was full force in Gabe's room, too. As Ben was trying to close a window, the wind slammed one window on Ben's finger. He groaned in pain, but fought through the pain and a little blood to finish his task.

Nirmala, our neighbor/gardener was here. She had come inside as it began to rain. She sprang into action, grabbing the mop and working on the stairway.

Towels were flying everywhere. Buckets were everywhere. Windows were finally closed, and fifteen minutes later the rain stopped. Every towel was dirtied and laundry that had forty-five minutes before been completely caught up was now very piled up again with sheets and towels.

The cause? The drains on the roof patio and our balcony were clogged. It turned the roof and the balcony into lakes.That water had to go somewhere... And it did. I can tell you what is top priority on the honey-do list!

Adventure number two is not quite as dramatic, but an adventure nonetheless.

I was driving home last night from church. The roads were backed up as usual, and it was sprinkling rain. I reached an intersection where I needed to turn right. Now remember, we drive on the left... So my right turn would be like an American left turn. I got as far center as I could, turned on my signal, and approached the intersection as normal. And just as I was about to lean the scooter into a right turn, some guy whips up on my right side to veer LEFT! He was trying to veer left from the center! For my American friends, that is like you being in the center lane to turn left, and someone getting on your left side to turn right!

Our handle bars banged. I kept control of the scooter by God's grace. And what was worse is when he looked at me as if it was my fault. Thankfully, I do not know enough of the language to understand what he said... Even more thankfully... I don't know enough of the language to tell this guy what was in my heart. What was in my heart at that moment was not too pretty! Such foolish actions endangering me and my baby girl on dangerous wet roads...

Before my blood pressure goes back up, I think I will just finish by saying... I love the adventures... The good and the not so pleasant. Either way, it's a story to tell. It is something to look back and laugh about, or be reminded of God's grace. I love reflecting on these things with my children... I love saying, "Remember that time that..."

Life would be boring without adventures.