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I must admit. I love sharing our crazy adventures. I love telling you of the insane happenings that seem to be attracted to us like ants to a picnic. We have had rat stories, cow poop stories, indoor waterfall stories, third world country meat shop stories, and more.

I don't think this story will be disappointing to your adventure-loving nature. Put on your gloves. And maybe a mosquito net. Actually, a blow torch might be a good idea, too.

Let the adventure begin...


We had family day today. It was a pleasant day indeed, packed full of things we rarely get to do. We started off by sleeping in a little. Then Jason and I worked together and made the best French toast we have ever made. It was amazing! With our tummies full, it was time to get out of the house.

We decided to go to one of our favorite places. It is a large book store on the other side of the city. The children were able to pick out a few books and I was able to grab some supplies for school and for the new church. Then we walked to a nearby mall to look around. I found a couple of stores that actually had shirts I could fit. I didn't grab any this time, but I plan on going again soon. We found a shirt on sale for Michaela. She beamed with excitement when I bought it.

Then we went to... get this... Pizza Hut! There are only two American chain stores here, Pizza Hut and KFC. Now, they aren't exactly like in the States. Matter of fact, the Pizza Hut we were at didn't even have meat. But the cheese pizza is yummy!

We then headed home. Jason and I took a late afternoon nap. It was amazing! Then we all decided to play a game of Risk and roast marshmallows on the gas stove top. Marshmallows are rare to find here. I have only seen them once. We have had friends and family send some over. A great fast treat to top off a lovely day!

Then I washed the dishes while Ben dried and put them away. When we finished, he walked out of the room to go read his new WWII book. I wiped down the counters... and just happened to glance up at the picture above the sink.

Remember me getting this lovely sunflower picture and painting the Scripture on the wall?

Isn't that pretty? It is such a happy scene...

But then I noticed a tiny trail of tiny ants going from the left side of the window to the bottom of the picture frame and then up the right side of the picture.

Then I noticed the picture looked like it was moving on the side. Panic set in. Fear gripped me as I squeaked out, "Jason... I ... need ... you ... to .... come ... here...."

I was almost paralyzed. Well, not exactly. My brain worked well enough to do the two most important things.

1. Back away to a safe distance.

2. Grab a camera.

(Priorities, ya know.)

Jason, being the good man he is, didn't ask questions. He didn't complain. He didn't delay. (Take note of these things, men.) Jason heard the terror in my voice and came to the rescue. He climbed up on the counter and with the courage of a mighty warrior removed the picture.

I must tell you, there were just as many ants on the back of the picture as there were on the wall.

Man shall not live by bread alone... apparently ants also require sunflower pictures.

My hero went to work and even told me not to help. He couldn't handle my screaming.

With the ants happily flushed down the sink, Jason just spent 30 minutes vacuuming the back of the picture outside.

I have a feeling some of us will be having ant nightmares tonight.