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Yesterday, we went to visit the national pastor's family of the church we attend. They just had a new baby, and this was the first chance we were able to visit. Lydia was so tiny and beautiful!

The mother (Rupa) and I began discussing differences between how Americans raise their babies and how the people here raise their babies. It was quite interesting.


Here, new moms take anywhere from 1 to three months off. They literally do not do any work (cooking, cleaning, etc.) They only rest and tend to the new baby. Everyday, the mom and the baby get massages. They coat the baby in mustard oil and set the baby in the sun. They were quite shocked to learn that Americans avoid putting anything on a new baby's skin, much less not set them in the sun.

Then they asked about diapers. "When do you start them using diapers?" I wasn't sure how to answer that question at first. I mean, they poo and pee from birth. It only seemed logical to me that diapers were an essential. Then Rupa explained that they do not use diapers until after one month because the diapers could cause the baby's legs to bow outward. Sure enough, the baby had to be changed. There was only a simply folded, thin cloth between the legs. Not pinned or anything, just folded.

It was getting late, so we were just about to leave when a terrific wind storm blew in. We looked out the window and we couldn't see very far. Dust was everywhere. People ran outside to grab their clothing off the line and rescue flower pots from the balconies. Trash swirled in the air like mini tornadoes. We could see in the distance that rain was pouring on the side of the city where we live. We ended up having to wait the storm out. We drove home after dark. Praise the Lord, we stayed dry all the way home. The past couple of days we had purchased and planted flowers, too. They were all nicely watered for us.

Then, overnight, there was a repeat of the storm. The wind blew harder than we have seen since coming here.

Here was the results...

And this pitiful tree caused most of the mess.

All the flowers were nice and perky this morning.

Devotions on the roof were so pleasant.


Matter of fact... I am still up here. No since in wasting the fresh air the rain has brought. However, Ben's yard cleaning chore will be a little tougher today. Looks like he will have extra time to do it because today is a scheduled bandha (road closure for protests.) I hope it ends early. I sure would love to go to church this evening. If not, we will have a service here at the house.