As I am preparing for the new school year to start, it’s also time to review and reassign chores to the children. I have found that dividing the chores into morning, evening, and as needed, it works much better for our family.

I like to change the chores up at least once a year to give the children experience in different areas of house care. I try to assign age appropriate chores to each child. Gabe (yellow) is six years old. Michaela (red) is almost ten. Ben (blue) is fourteen years old.

They simply mark the chores they complete with a dry erase marker.

Now, another wonderful blessing in our home is the box of no return. This is the box that eats toys and things that the kids didn’t properly put away after playing with it. To get the item(s) back out, they have to do an extra chore. Here is the extra chore cup. I found a similar poem on Pinterest… tweaked it a little.


"You left it out, Mom picked it up. You must now choose from this cup. To get it back, do a chore. Again it is yours just like before."