God blessed abundantly when He chose our home. It was picked out before we came to Southern Asia. We had friends who looked for months for a home for us. We had given them a budget limit and some ideas of things that would be nice to have in a home, but we made it clear that we had no real expectations. Whatever God provided, we would be content. But when they saw this home, there was no doubt that God had picked it. They secured the home and then called us to let us know they found one. The price was almost half what it was worth because the home had been vacant for over a year. There were several items of furniture that were still in the home for us to use, saving us lots of money.


When we saw the pictures of the home, we were stunned. The home was much bigger than we had imagined it would be and had more to offer than we ever thought possible for our little budget. We immediately purposed in our hearts to find a way to use every inch of it for God's glory. If He wants to bless us with a nice home, we want to be good stewards with His blessings. It took a lot of work to get it into shape, but it was worth it! (OK, it took TONS of work... the walls looked like an old mechanic shop, everything was covered in ant and rat "presents," ants infested a few places, weeds were taking over everything... So it took effort to make the house a home, but what a blessing it is!)

We are not sure how long this home will be available to us, but we want to make every minute count.

So, want to come visit with us for a while? Come on in! We love having visitors!

When you arrive, you will enter our front gate. Be careful! Cornhole bags are often flying in this area! We love inviting neighbors and friends over to play. We invited the students of Hope Baptist College over for a Christmas fellowship. This was the first time many of them had ever played the game.

The huge patio/driveway area is perfect for playing games, especially with the Tamang Children's Home.

Wanna play some badminton while you are here?

While you are outside, take a peek into the garden. You never know what goodies you will find. Corn, strawberries, green beans, okra, squash... We love to share with neighbors, church members, the Bible college, and friends. Our neighbor across the street loves it when we share our corn! They are Hindu, but the man has said he wants to come to our new church with us. Pray for them.


The side yard is a great place for a friendly game of soccer with the Tamang Children's Home boys! Most places here do not have any yard space at all.

Let's head inside. Watch your step on the front porch. Our dogs, Chief and MoMo, like to lay there.

Pull off your shoes at the door. It is customary not to wear your outside shoes in the house.

Did you bring some slippers?

Come relax in our living room... which is sometimes used for many other things like Bible studies and...

... hosting the annual Missionary Fourth of July Party! It's a huge highlight of the year for missionaries from all over the valley. We love the fellowship and encouragement it gives these hardworking fellow servants.

And I love decorating the mantle for each season. Unfortunately, the fireplace doesn't work. It was actually built for idol worship. The verse I painted above the mantle declares that this home is an idol-free zone, though.

Are you getting hungry? Let's go whip up a meal in the kitchen!


I love happy sunflowers!

But I must warn you, if you come in the winter months, my kitchen is more than just a kitchen. It also becomes the schoolroom and the dining room. We do not have good heating sources in the winter, so we go into the kitchen and snuggle up to a propane heater or enjoy the warmth left over from baking in the oven.

 The meal is ready! Let's head to the dining room to eat.

I sure am glad you came. I don't like it when my dining room looks so empty!

We like it to be full of visitors like Bhim, the pastor/missionary of a new church plant in Hetauda and several men from Kanchanpur all visiting the city for a missions conference.

We also love it when family comes for a visit! We get a little adventurous! How about a shrimp boil?



After all that food, we need some exercise. Come step into my exercise room.

That's right! Who needs a treadmill when you have 2.5 flights of stairs!

As we head upstairs, take a peek into the schoolroom. It also doubles as a Bible study room on occasion.

I am constantly rearranging this room.

When you get to the top of the stairs, you will see this:

Family is precious to us. We have done our best to make this house a home... a loving, secure place. We hope that everyone who enters this home feels the love of Christ pouring out from our family.

Are you tired from all you travels? Pick a room to take a nap in. All our rooms are potential guest rooms at any time. We have offered our home for internships for Bible college students, to missionaries in neighboring countries for visa runs, to prospective missionaries for survey trips, and to nationals who need a place to stay for the night for ministry purposes or for fellowship.


Need a pit stop?

We promise you will not have to learn to use that sprayer. We have TP. We have three toilets (bathrooms.) Only one has a tub. Tubs are rare here. All three have showers. But one toilet isn't used as a toilet. It has a squatty potty (Asian toilet.) We use that one as a laundry room! The toilet makes a perfect drain!


Let's head on up a little higher... as in the ROOFTOP!

This is a favorite place. We love to go up on the roof for devotions and for cooking out with neighbors and friends. We have even done school here in the colder months because it is often warmer outside than inside. The sun sure feels good in the winter! (By the way, I have killed all those plants... sigh. Sorry, Mom. Some things never change!)

I hope you have enjoyed your visit. You are welcome anytime.