I taught her.

From the time she was born, I taught her.



I taught her how to walk. She toddled around and stumbled a few times. There were a few scrapes and bumps, but she learned. Then I taught her of the importance of choosing the right paths.

I taught her to talk. Small sounds turned to giggles that turned to mumbles that turned to words. Before long, she was making full sentences and conversations. I taught her the power of her words, to build or to destroy, to honor self or to glorify God.



I taught her to read. Letter by letter, word by word. Sentences and Bible verses, paragraphs, chapters, and books. Then I taught her to guard her mind from the world's rubbish. At first I sheltered her, then little by little, as I saw her grow, I pulled back the shelter. She spread her tiny wings. I taught her to fly.

I taught her math and science and history and Bible and literature. I taught her about the Creator and His beautiful design of the world around her. I taught her how to see Him and His perfect order in math and science. I taught her how to see His sovereignty and grace in history. I taught her how to see the heart of man revealed in literature. I taught her that all of it can only be understood in the light of God's Word.

I taught her to cook. I taught her to clean. I taught her to serve. I taught her to lead. I taught her to think and to walk circumspectly.



My face blushed, but I pressed forward. I taught her to shave. I taught her how to put on make-up. I taught her modesty and true beauty. I taught her about her body changes. I taught her about her period. I taught her how to put on a pad. We giggled nervously like silly girls do, but she learned. And I was the one who taught her. I taught her about boys and babies and the beauty and joy of following God's plan. I taught her the purity of intimacy in marriage and the tragedy and pain of giving her heart away before it was ready, and the heartbreak and baggage of sharing her body outside of God's design.

I taught her.

Not a teacher or a cousin or a movie.

I did...

Her mother...

The one who loves her more than anyone but God...

I taught her.

And truth be told... she taught me, too.


My Princess, Be Pure: Talking with My Daughter about Marriage, Purity, and Intimacy