They are amazing kids.

Some days I just watch them and think how blessed I am to be their Mom.

And I want to do it right. There is a deep longing in my heart to be the kind of mom God wants me to be.


That kind of parenting doesn't come naturally.

That kind of parenting comes from being trained... changed... shaped by the Lord.

It comes through much labor and submission.

It comes through study and inspection and growth and conviction and learning.

It's work and it's tough.



I love resources that help me in this journey of motherhood.

Recently I came across a resource that I invested in. Someone had recommended a book to me.

The book? Passionate Parenting by Cary Schmidt.



I read it... well, actually I DEVOURED it!

It was that good!


The book is often directed toward parents of preteens and teens, but covers the whole spectrum of parenting in some fashion. It even covers parenting adult children, too.

My favorite things about the book?

Practical. The book isn't just happy fluff, but it gets down to business of how to put into practice bringing our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

This book isn't about changing our children. It's about training parents to be what God has called them to be.

Cary Schmidt did a wonderful job in helping me to understand my children better... my ten year old... my almost teenage girl... and my college kid.

Not only that, but he presented ways to help me improve parenting each of the ages of children who call me Mom. 

The book helped me understand myself, too.

All of this from biblical perspective.



It isn't too much longer and I will be having a Mommy/Daughter getaway to talk about "growing up" things with my girl.

This book had a whole section covering those discussions. Like I said-- practical.



Usually when I do a book review, I like to give the good side and the bad side. But honestly, this book impacted me as a parent greatly. 

I really cannot think of a negative. I will be reading it again...

Best parenting book I have ever read by far.