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The battle is fierce. The enemy is alway plotting, and looking for weak spots. And the weak spots are there. The battle ground? Marriage.

Why does the enemy hate marriage so much? Because God designed it, and the enemy hates our God. Marriage, when done according to God's design, is pure and beautiful... godly.

So how do we have victory in this battle?

Jason and I were just talking last night. Why have we had victories in our marriage? First... GOD'S GRACE!!! (What? Did you think it came naturally for us? HA! No, we are so different... so opposite... we desparately need God's grace!) Secondly, we are never satisfied that our marriage is "good enough." We know we have weak spots that the enemy wants to target. We know that there is always room to improve. We know that the moment we sit back and think we are safe, it is just like setting our armour and our swords down.

When a couple isn't intentionally pursuing to improve their marriage, it is like sending the enemy a map to your weak spots. Marriage doesn't come naturally for anyone!

In our conversation last night, we listed off things that invest in a marriage. I wish we had taken time to actually write them down. It was a long list! But at the moment, we were just enjoying spending time brainstorming ways a marriage can be improved. I hope you enjoy the list... or at least what I can remember of it!

  1.  Reading marriage books (together AND separately)
  2.  Marriage seminars
  3.  Marriage counselling
  4.  Date nights
  5.  Going for walks together
  6.  Playing games together
  7.  Praying together
  8.  Doing devotions together
  9.  Eating meals at the table together
  10.  Laughing together
  11.  Working on a project together
  12.  GITSD mettings (Going in the same direction meetings... it's called communicating!)
  13.  Serving one another
  14.  Turning off all electronics regularly to spend time together
  15.  Snuggling
  16.  Listening
  17.  Respecting one another's feelings
  18.  Encouraging one another
  19.  Investing time, energy, and money into making the bedroom a peaceful retreat from the world
  20.  Studying one another
  21.  Encouraging one another
  22.  Attending church together
  23.  Marriage retreats
  24.  Ministering to others together
  25.  Double dates with a couple with a strong marriage relationship
  26.  Writing letters to each other
  27.  Looking nice for each other (I'm not talking about being a size 6... But putting a little extra effort into being well groomed for when you meet.)
  28.  Intimacy
  29.  Praying faithfully for each other
  30.  Studying the Bible together... especially on marriage and the home topics
  31.  Keeping our hearts protected from temptation by setting clear boundaries for anything that might woo our hearts another direction
  32.  Intentionally focusing on investing in marriage
  33.  Making a list of how to invest in marriage! Ha!
  34.  Learning to see each other as brother and sister in Christ

I am sure there are many more that can be added to this list (and I plan on adding to it!) Marriage is worth investing time, energy, money, and our hearts in. (How's that for terrible grammar?!) The best marriages are not perfect, but they are constantly pursuing perfection. They are never content with just being a good marriage. They aggressively go after being the BEST their marriage can be. They also realize that marriage is not the goal, but that marriage is a means to an end. The goal is glorifying God, and marriage is a life-long partnership to help each other accomplish that goal.