I love women's ministry. It's one of my passions. I love teaching. I love learning. I just love getting together with women and growing in the Lord through fellowship around His Word!


So it's no wonder I love reading books along those lines. One book I had been meaning to read for years (but never seemed to get around to it) was A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George.


Here's the blunt, short version...


There are practical tips in here that give great ideas.

It is presented in an organized layout.

It has a lot of great truths in it.

Covers the main priorities of women.



Redundancy! I think the book could have been reduced by at least 25% if you take out the repetition.

It isn't KJV... several versions used.

Not really much in the way of meat for those who have been growing for a while, but good reminders...


I am giving kind of a mediocre review on this one. I think the redundancy was the most distracting part of the book. I felt like saying, "OK. I get it already. Move on." And then in the next section... right back to it. Ugh! My time is very limited and I found myself skimming instead of reading because I hate redundancy.


The book wasn't a waste of time. There was still things to glean. This book just isn't at the top of my list of books for women.