It's that time of year... The beginning of January. The New Year. The time of year when we reflect, refocus, review, and redirect.

It's a great time of year to read books on these kinds of topics.

And as it happens to be, I am reading just such a book called Stewarding Life by Paul Chappell.

As I read through it, I find myself sitting in the "I'm Guilty" chair because, yes, I see myself doing many of the things he mentions in the book. Sometimes I play the role of the time squanderer. Sometimes I am the driven time spender. I would really like to grow in this area of stewarding the precious resource of time and life. Sigh...

So time to start planning and preparing.

I grabbed a 5 subject notebook and divided into 5 categories:





Making a Home



Now I am reviewing each one of those areas in my life. What has God called me to do in each of those areas? How can I improve in those areas? What investments can I make that will benefit those areas? Is there some form of accountability I need in any of these areas? Do I have appropriate goals set in these areas? Am I involved in things that hinder me in these areas or eat away time that would be better spent in these areas?

Lots to think on today as I learn to steward my life...