I really enjoyed a post on the Baptist Missionary Women blog this week about helping your children become readers. It got me thinking...

In the next couple of weeks, I have to pick out the books I want them to complete the upcoming school year. My two oldest can devour a good book. My six year old is just beginning to catch the reading bug. I was NEVER a reader when I was in school and didn't find the love of reading until after college. How did I end up with avid readers? By doing everything opposite of how it was done for me! Ha!

1. Variety of books... Some easy, some on level, and a few a little above level to stretch their abilities.

2. Accidental learning... I strategically placed interesting books where they could find them... And I never said a word. Their curiosity got the better of them!

3. I modeled good reading habits in front of them and shared my excitement with them when I read something good.

4. I am super picky about what goes before their eyes... Too much electronic entertainment as well as "waste of time" books are no-no's in my house. What is a "waste of time" book? One with no moral value, character quality, or educational enhancement.

5. A good balance of fiction and non-fiction. I personally struggle with this. I am all about non-fiction. I have to force myself to read a good story! However, my two older children can be just as content sitting down reading The Terrestria Chronicles or The Usborne Science or History Encyclopedias or the Apologia Sciences.

6. Story time... There is nothing like mom or dad sitting down with them and either reading a book or telling a made up story... Especially if mom or dad can bring the story to life! Even my 14 year old loves bedtime stories from us because we make it fun. It is no longer just a book, but an adventure!

Happy reading!