I use to love Saturday morning cartoons as a little girl. I loved Garfield with all his sarcasm. I loved Tiny Toons. I loved Tom and Jerry. But one of my favorite Saturday cartoons was always the iconic Bugs Bunny. I loved watching Bugs outsmart Elmer Fudd and I loved Foghorn Leghorn trying to teach the chicken hawk boy about hunting chickens. One of my favorite characters was Wiley E Coyote. Usually he was up against the Roadrunner, but occasionally he was after sheep in the pasture. There was a sheep dog watching the sheep. Sometimes the coyote would dress up as a sheep and try to blend in, but the sheep dog always caught him. How did the sheep dog always know it was the coyote and not a sheep? No matter what the coyote was wearing on the outside, he was still the same coyote on the inside. The same coyote "talk" and sounds, the same coyote smells, the same coyote habits and appetites.

Psalm 58:1-2 "Do ye indeed speak righteousness, O congregation? do ye judge uprightly, O ye sons of men? Yea, in heart ye work wickedness; ye weigh the violence of your hands in the earth."

Sometimes coyotes come in the church and try to look like sheep, but sooner or later, their coyote "talk" and habits and appetites show themselves. God cannot be fooled even for a second, but sometimes the sheep are fooled for a little while.

One thing I never remember seeing on the cartoon, though. I don't think there was an episode that I watched where the sheep dressed up like coyotes. Sadly, in our churches today the sheep slip into coyote costumes, and it makes you wonder if they are sheep. We cannot see the hearts of men, but when their actions and words scream "coyote" it is best for sheep to keep a close eye on them. They may not be sheep at all, and they may be sheep who are still trying to act like coyotes. They have forgotten they are new creatures in Christ. Or maybe it is you who has forgotten?

2 Corinthian 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."

If you are saved, you are a sheep. Your conversation (lifestyle) should look like a sheep. In Psalm 58, David speaks to the congregation. They are speaking righteousness, but their hearts and their actions declare coyote. It should concern you that others can see your coyote costume, but it should make you fear knowing that God sees your heart.

God rewards those who are sheep and act like sheep. He knows who is only dressed up like a sheep.

Psalm 58:11 "So that a man shall say, Verily there is a reward for the righteous: verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth."