The storm is raging.

The wind is howling.

The enemy is encompassing...

Yet my heart is fixed.

My eyes are overwhelmed.

My ears are bombarded.

My hands are trembling...

Yet my heart is fixed.

My feet are stumbling.

My knees are knocking.

My legs are weakening...

Yet my heart is fixed.

Fear wants to grip me.

Panic wants to take me.

Darkness tries to break me...

But my heart is fixed.

Under His wings I will hide,

Staying close by His side.

Unto Him will I cry...

Because my heart is fixed.

My foundation is firm,

My step is sure,

My path is clear...

Oh, my heart is fixed!

Peace in the fight,

Songs in the night,

Giving praise is my delight...

Yes, my heart is fixed.

This is my victory.

I did not faint in adversity.

He rescued me and now I sing...

My heart was fixed!


Fixed: fastened upon, focused

Psalm 57:7 "My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise."

Are you facing a battle? Fix your heart (your affections, desires, delights) upon Him. Fasten your heart to Him. Praise Him. Adore Him. Get your eyes off the battle and onto your dearest Love. He will carry you through.