It happens every year. April 1st rolls around, and as it approaches, my youngest child makes big plans of jokes he will play on that day. We have told him of grand adventures we used to have when his Daddy and I played April Fool's Day jokes. Daddy has warned him that Mommy is a masterful April Fool's Day prankster and that he should not ever get in an April Fool's Day war with me. My husband is speaking from experience and can tell stories of his wounded pride as he fell victim to my pranks. He and I have agreed on a truce and have not played jokes on each other for many years. He conceded to my superior April Fool's Day skills.

When the day finally rolls around, my youngest child usually has forgotten his evil April Fool's Day plans. The day passes uncelebrated until it is too far spent. The only acknowledgement of the day is found on social media. As I scroll through posts from many friends and family I often see the same words: "Happy Atheist's Day!" This is always followed undoubtedly by part of a verse.

Psalm 53:1 "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God..."

Since an atheist declares there is no God, many Christians have deemed April Fool's Day as Atheist's Day. Oh, I do agree that an atheist is a fool. It is hard to comprehend someone looking at the organization and beauty of creation, and still convincing one's self that we arrived as an accident of chemical reactions. Quite foolish indeed! But the rest of the Psalm has something to say about us all. It brings every man, woman, and child under the banner of fool.


Psalm 53:3 "Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one."

The rest of the Psalm declares that we are all fools because there is none righteous. There is none that seeks after God. Before salvation, we are all fools drowning in our own filth of sin and tainted self righteousness. What about after salvation?

Every time I operate my life without regard to God's Word or His will, I am saying in my heart, "There is no God that I need to seek..."

I am a fool!

Every time I cover my sin I am declaring in my heart, "There is no God that I will answer to..."

I am a fool!

Every time I neglect prayer or Bible reading or church attendance, I am announcing proudly, "There is no God that I need to learn from..."

I am a fool!

When I operate my life independently of my Creator, that is when I have revealed what is truly in my heart. That is when I am saying, "There is no God!"

April Fool's Day is not just "Atheist's Day". It's a reminder to me that my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, too. Maybe we should say, "Happy We-All-Need-the-Lord Day" because we are all fools.