It's an unpleasant part of the life I live. I am surrounded by it. It is inescapable.

I can look out my windows and see it. I walk down the street an see it. It's in the stores. It's on vehicles. It's everywhere.


Yesterday we came home from church. I looked out my kitchen window to see my neighbors doing worship with their priest. They were chanting and making offerings to idols. The conch horn was blown several times. Incense was burning all around them. Statues in the yard were decorated.

On the way to and from church I noticed a tree wrapped in worship garland and a large stone colored in worship powders. Many people had the red worship dot on their foreheads, and the temples were teaming with people.

My heart breaks... but then I wonder: am I also guilty?

Psalm 31:6 "I have hated them that regard lying vanities: but I trust in the LORD."

Lying vanity... deceiving emptiness.

What is a lying vanity? Is it statues that cannot hear or see? Is it trees that cannot help? Is it chants and incense and red dots on foreheads?

Those things surely are lying vanities, but this term covers so much more. The verse gives a perfect definition. David gave a comparison here that makes it more clear exactly what a lying vanity is. He said that he has hated those who regard lying vanities, but then he explained the opposite of lying vanities. He trusted in the Lord. A lying vanity is anything that isn't trusting the Lord. It's more than just physical idols or pagan worship. 

Am I guilty? Every time I trust in something other than the Lord, yes, I am guilty! When I trust in my own strength, I am guilty. When I trust in my wisdom and logic, I am guilty. When I trust in people or government or education or finances...

Deceptive. These things look so trustworthy. They look like they will solve our problems. They look like the answers. And yet... emptiness.

The opposite is to trust in the Lord. He is the answer to our needs and our problems. He is the solution.

What are we trusting? Are we regarding lying vanities? Do we pridefully think that our lying vanities are better than those of people who bow down to statues and trees?