1 Peter 3:15 “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:”


A reason of the hope…


What hope?


Hope… confident expectation. Not “maybe it will happen.” A driving, uplifting, without a doubt assurance that pushes me forward even through persecution, trial, circumstance, or disappointments.


What hope?


Confidence that the moment I finish my last breath here on Earth, I will be in the presence of my Saviour. Assurance that I have eternal life. Knowing that either I will meet Him through the vehicle of death or through the Rapture. Celebrating the victory that has not yet been fully seen with my eyes, but has been fully secured. Fully persuaded.


Hope. Why do I hope? Why am I so confident?


Is it because my church says so? They DO say so, but that isn’t why. Is it because it is the tradition of my ancestors? Nope. Because Mom and Dad were good church going folk? Um… no.


Is it because a biblical apologist made a good argument? No.


Is it because a creation scientist gave scientific evidence? Though I truly enjoy the study of creation… no.


Why do I have this hope?



I have this hope because I have tasted it for myself and found it to be sweet and satisfying and complete and true. I trusted His Word and found it to be everything He said it would be. I found that when I believe and follow His Word, it never fails to deliver exactly what it promises. When I live by His Word, my foundation is sure and steady. I put His Word to the test through faith… and it has never failed!


Why do I have hope? Because He said it! He said if I put my faith and trust in Him that He would save me and make me a new creature… and He did! He said that He would conform me into the image of Christ… and He is every day!  And every promise He has made He has kept.


So why do I have hope? Because He is faithful. Because He doesn’t lie. Because His Word is true. Because I have tested Him and tasted His goodness and found Him to be everything He said He is. He says that He is preparing me a home and that I will be with Him…


And He doesn’t lie.


So go ahead. Ask me. Why do I have hope? What is my reason? Because I know the One my hope is in, and He is my everything.