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    All Scripture references are taken from the King James version of the Bible.

I have a confession…

When Jason and I were first married, we had some serious struggles. We had several… um… heavy discussions.

But something totally revolutionized our marriage. It changed everything.


I learned to see my husband as my brother in Christ.

Suddenly, he was no longer mine. He belonged to the Father. It made me start inspecting how I was treating him. My philosophy of marriage also changed. What was my new purpose in marriage? My goal is to help him to be all he can be for Christ.

Before this, he belonged to me (in my thinking) and his purpose was to satisfy me. Now I realize that his purpose is much greater. His purpose is to glorify God, and my calling is to be his helpmeet in doing that.

1 Peter 3:7  “… as being heirs together of the grace of life...”

This part of this verse is like the climax… the peak. It is the big picture. Not only are we husband and wife, but we are joint heirs together. We are brother and sister in Christ. God has made us one with the ultimate purpose of bringing glory to himself.

Yes, woman was made for man, from man, to be his helpmeet… but not for man’s own selfish pursuits. For the purpose of bringing glory to the Father.

We are all equal in God’s sight. This verse clearly puts us on level ground… joint heirs. But He has called us to do certain roles in order to help our families bring Him glory and grow in Christ.

I love how my marriage has transformed as I began seeing Jason as my brother in Christ. I love watching his spiritual walk flourish as I seek to encourage and support him spiritually. I love how it has brought us to a deeper love than we ever knew before. We strive to serve one another, to help one another. We now share our struggles openly, knowing the other person is there to help is grow. There is now an intimate transparency because we are not afraid of being judged by the spouse. We see each other through God’s eyes. We have truly experienced what it means to be… one. Unity.

Do you see your husband as your brother in Christ? Have you laid him on the altar and given up “ownership” of him? Have you inspected your philosophy in marriage? What is the purpose of marriage? Is it more important to you to see your brother in Christ grow in the Lord than it is to make sure he meets your desires and needs?