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Road Schooling...on the road of life
  • The Christmas Critter
    A fun, Christ-centered alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf concept. A Gospel focused, fruitful approach to the countdown to Christmas.
  • The Christmas Critter: Clyde
    Join Clyde as he has adventures and mishaps in his search for the true meaning of Christmas!
  • The Christmas Critter - Pack 2
    Create your own character with a unique name in this pack, and follow his journey of building godly character as his excitement for Christmas grows.
  • The Christmas Critter - Super Hero Pack
    Your Christmas Critter wants to be a superhero for Christmas, but he just isn't sure which super power he wants. Some super powers are just too much for him to handle!
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    All Scripture references are taken from the King James version of the Bible.

I have to admit…

It is easy to be negative here.  I am actually a pretty positive, optimistic person by nature, but there is something about this place that can bring out the critical person in me… the trash, the overcrowded city, the “me first” mentality of the culture, the traffic torture, the pagan rituals, the dogs barking, the horns honking at 3 a.m., the mosquitoes…


From this moment forward.


A crossroads of decision... from now on... change. 

Henceforth... a choice to be made.  What am I going to do?

One day, a young woman went to visit her grandmother on her grandmother's farm. The young lady had just graduated Bible college and was so excited about the ministries God had opened up to her.  She found her grandmother out back with the chickens.

We have all heard a sermon or two on the body of Christ... He is the head and we are the body parts. Many of us have even taught a Sunday school lesson or a ladies Bible study on it. And they all go something like this: "If every body part isn't doing its job, the whole body suffers." And that is very true! But verse 16 isn't talking about the body parts... It is focusing on the joints.

I love children. They have such sweet innocence. And they are very gullible.

I remember once when we went one a camping trip with my nephew. He wanted me to tell him a scary story around the campfire. He was about eight years old. I told him the stories I could tell would be too scary. He laughed. He challenged me and said I couldn't scare him. (OK... Those of you who know me also know my competitive nature. I couldn't turn this one down.)